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Hi again. I wanted to be sure you got the email I tried sending before, so here it is again (see below). I hope it’s useful, and stay safe!


As you’re well aware, citizens in communities all across the country (and really, the world) have faced a lot of uncertainty in the last few months due to COVID-19. It’s been critical for community-based sites like yours to share information regarding coronavirus, but I don’t want anyone to forget about the importance of natural disaster safety. On that note, I’m passing along information that will help protect the people in your community during emergency weather:

Tornado facts and safety

The Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Facts, Information and Resources

How to Survive a Flood: Flood Safety Tips

The Ultimate Home Fire-Safety Checklist: Tools and Safety Measures that Will Keep Your Family Safe

Drought Safety Tips

Safety Tips for a Winter Weather Emergency: How to Prepare

How to Survive a Prolonged Power Outage

Driving In Emergencies and Disasters

DIY Home Projects to Work On After a Natural Disaster

Is it possible for you to add this list (in full or in part – whatever makes the most sense based on your area) to a resources page so your site’s viewers have easy access to it?

Stay safe!



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