The Housing Crisis

Our region faces a housing crisis. Demand for housing is very high and prices for purchasing and renting housing have gone up - way up, in the case of rental housing. Those who value Albany and those whom Albany values are sometimes no longer able to live in Albany. I am concerned with the potential divide this produces in Albany. I don't want Albany to be affordable for only those of a certain income level.

There are no silver bullets here, but I do feel that increasing the available housing in Albany is a one key way we can make this better. Passing Albany Ballot Measure N1 is crucial towards allowing new housing to be built in Albany. I urge a yes vote on this Measure. Additionally, we should make sure that enough small units are built in order to make Albany affordable to lower incomes.

Our Social and Economic Justice Commission is studying these issues as well and will have some recommendations to the Council. I look forward to seeing these recommendations and to studying this issue in full at the Council.

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