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Sustainability includes not only environmental sustainability, but economic sustainability as well. Proposition 13 put severe financial constraints on cities. Cities have needed to become very clever about sustaining and looking for new revenue streams, especially Albany, which has a smaller-than-usual business tax base. Here are some things I am concerned about and act upon as City Council Member.

I strongly supported the formation of our new Economic Development Commission and pushed hard for it. We need formal economic development activities in our city and I will work toward the establishment of at least a part-time Economic Development Director.

One key to the vitality and sustainability of our city is the passage of Measure N1. The City Council needs to take back parking regulations that currently stifle any new housing development in Albany. We have the opportunity to build an exciting vital San Pablo Avenue once we pass Measure N1 and increase our housing stock to address our current housing crisis.

I am on the lookout for  any new or overlooked grant opportunities. Grants can bring significant dollars to the city for many sorts of projects. Perhaps necessary for the success of new grants for Albany is the need for new seed money. Our Measure F funds, which were previously often used for this purpose, are now dried up. I will make sure the city reserves enough seed money.

I study what other cities are doing to attract new revenue and look for new sources of revenue for Albany.

As a Council Member, I work to support all businesses in Albany. I listen to their concerns and act on them. I attend Chamber of Commerce and Solano Avenue Association mixers in order to hear from the businesses themselves. The organization Albany Strollers & Rollers, of which I'm a co-founder, is a member of the Chamber. We understand that working with local businesses is beneficial not only to our mission, but to the businesses themselves, and to Albany. We are responsible for working with local business to get the colorful new bicycle-shaped bike racks installed around town (see below). I want to keep Solano Avenue vital and improve it and improve the climate on San Pablo Avenue as well.


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