Hello! I was one of your Council Members from 2104-2020, and I took a couple of years off because of term limits. Now I am running for City Council in 2022. Read about me more below.

But first, I also wanted to introduce you to my Albany Forward slate-mates, Robin López and John Miki. Find more about the whole slate at ALBANYFORWARD.ORG


I had the privilege of serving as your Council Member from 2014-2020, finishing my second term as your Mayor and leading the City through the onset of Covid. 

I led the effort bringing the Soda Tax to Albany, creating funding for many programs for health and youth, and including funding school crossing guards.

I successfully brought forward and supported a number of other measures that have sustained and increased the City’s funding for important programs and services, such as emergency services, parks, sidewalk repair, and climate action programs.

Through my work in the community, on Commissions, and on Council, I have a proven record of crafting and funding positive change including environmental, safety, and housing initiatives.

I instigated the process leading to Albany’s first civilian police oversight body.

I serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission continuing work I started on the Council.

I run to continue the work of this Council in climate action, safe streets for all, economic and social justice, and housing production.

I am endorsed by Mayor Preston Jordan, Vice-Mayor Aaron Tiedemann, and School Board President Sara Hinkley, among many many others.

Vote Pilch, Miki, and López #1, 2 and 3 to move albanyforward.org.

Pick Nick!

More about me

The Albany Forward Platform expresses a number of values that I represent. Housing, the environment, and transportation equity are very important areas of work for me.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

These are more than just words for me. We've got a long way to go to overcome institutional racism, sexism, and all the isms, and celebrate the diversity that surrounds us, support those who have been and are being hurt, and welcome others into our home.

I'm proud of what our City has done in this area while I was on the Council previously. Beginning in 2016, we recognized the threat of newly elected President Donald Trump and took measures to let others know that we wanted no part of his exclusionary policies. See https://www.albanyca.org/government/city-council/community-diversity-inclusion. I was the first to call for a Sanctuary City resolution, and one was adopted in 2017. Also while previously on the Council, the City raised the Pride Flag was the first time in its history, and it now flies all Pride Month every year. Finally, I called for Albany to join the United against Hate campaign and produce posters that the City and our businesses and citizens could display.

My appointments to advisory bodies were diverse. In 2020, I was Mayor, and subsequent to the murder of George Floyd, I called for a Mayor's Town Hall in order to hear the voices of those in our own City who had had negative interactions with our police. We heard from a number of Black and Brown people, and we knew we had more work to do. Subsequent resolutions put forth by me led to the creation of the first Policing Commission who will work with the Police and the Community to give us the transparency and data we need to feel better about our public safety employees.

More recently, I was there to support then-Mayor Ge'Nell Gary's work to recognize that the City of Albany sits on Ohlone land. See https://www.albanyca.org/our-city/our-community/honoring-the-confederated-villages-of-lisjan. We now read a Land Acknowledgement statement at the beginning of our public meetings. We recently replaced our City signs as well.

Finally, I have always supported removing the cross from Albany Hill, taking numerous actions to do so while previously on the Council. I support the current Council's efforts in this regard as well. This symbol of Christian religion has no place in our diverse community of many different religious backgrounds.

Environmental Record

  • Long-time alternative transportation advocate, co-founded Albany Strollers & Rollers.
  • Supported alternative transportation and other good environmental policies for 10+ years on Albany Commissions.
  • Environmental leadership with the Sierra Club for many years. 3 terms on the Bay Chapter Excom, and terms on the Northern Alameda Group Excom, including Conservation Committee Chair, stints as Bay Chapter Nomination and Elections Committee Chair, and Fundraising Chair. Additionally led trips with local outings and Sierra Club Alaska National Outings.
  • Long-time participation in Albany Climate Action Groups - Albany Climate Action Coalition and its predecessor groups.
  • Supported a CEQA lawsuit against the City when it changed the language of an EIR after the Council took all public comment. The suit resulted in better bicycle facilities and solar panels on the roof of the UC Village Senior Housing and commercial project.
  • As Albany Mayor, helped place Albany Measure DD on the 2020 ballot, adjusting the utility taxes in order to fund climate action programs in Albany. The Sierra Club endorsed this Measure. To date, that funding has allowed:
    • Free street trees to property owners that request them
    • Rebates for heat pump heating/cooling systems
    • Soon to come - free permits for any gas to electric conversion projects
    • And more
  • As an Albany City Council Member, placed the 2018 Measure M on the ballot, a parcel tax funding parks. The Sierra Club endorsed this Measure.
  • As an Albany City Council Member, placed the 2016 Measures N1, O1, and P1 on the ballot. Measure N1 removed a previous ballot measure that required that all housing units come with 2 motor vehicle parking spaces. Measure O1 implemented a sugar-sweetened beverage tax. Measure P1 was a parcel tax to raise money to repair City sidewalks. All of these Measures were endorsed by the Sierra Club.
  • Board Member of East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) for 4+ years. Voted to make Albany one of the first cities to default to carbon-free energy.
  • Other support of Climate Action initiatives while on the Albany City Council, 2014-2020