The Environment

I consider myself an environmentalist. I love the outdoors and the wilderness and I care about protecting our planet for future generations. I have worked with the Sierra Club for a number of years now on many different environmental issues. 

The importance of action against climate change cannot be understated. Everyone must do her/his part, including our City, In fact it is mandated by the state that cities produce Climate Action Plans to outline the steps they are taking to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

What our city can do is to make sure encourage and incentivize reduction of the emission of GHGs. We need to encourage alternative transportation including walking, bicycling and the taking of mass transit and ride car sharing/ride sharing so that people have alternatives to their gas-burning cars. We can help encourage walking by supporting Albany Ballot Measure P1. I urge support of this Ballot Measure as it will create a dedicated stream of funding to fix our sidewalks.

Climate Action Plan

The City created a Climate Action Plan (CAP), adopted in 2010. This plan created targets for the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. It appears that the city is not meeting its goals, however.

I believe the city must act agressively to implement this plan in order to met these goals. Although the City's Sustainability Committee has come up with a number of sound plans to help the City pursue its GHG emission reduction goals. Although I supported these plans, and voted for them, the Council as a whole did not approve them. I will continue to support our Sustainability Committee and work with them to refine their proposals.


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