Parks and Open Space

Parks and open space are essential to the health of the community and the City and the planet.

We need to maintain the parks and open space that we do have and maintain them in good condition. One failure in this area is Albany Hill. The Albany Hill park consists of a meadow area near Cerrito Creek and the El Cerrito border, a number of paths up the hill and a hilltop area. Voters have passed a tax measure that would fund Albany Hill maintenance, yet parts of the hill, particularly the path system have fallen into disrepair. No improvements have been made for some time now either. I support the Albany Hill Master Plan (which I worked on during my time on the Parks and Recreation Commission) and we need to see it implemented.

I'm looking to forward to our newest park at the Albany Bulb. We are moving forward with our partner, the East Bay Regional Parks District, planning for improvements and amenities to turn the Bulb into an official park.

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