Greening of Albany

Albany needs a City-wide treescape plan. Many of streets are lacking trees and many of our mature trees are nearing the end of their lives. We need to begin the re-planting. A plan will be necessary so that the design is not haphazard. A larger canopy of trees will not only help beautify our city, and bring up property values, but will help absorb carbon and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. As a Park and Recreation Commissioner, I oversaw the creation of the Tree Task Force, which produced the first updated list of street trees in many years. Recent research confirms that walking on streets with more trees is not only pleasant, but leads to more people choosing to walk. This is healthy for individuals and healthy for Albany.

I support community gardens. Albany has a community garden at Ocean View Park, but we could support more. Perhaps the newly re-done Ohlone Greenway will give us the opportunity to create more. I have been very supportive as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner.

I supported the Pierce St. Park and was glad to see the land finally purchased. I voted to spend Measure WW money on this project. This park will be a tremendous asset for Albany 

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