I was a Traffic and Safety Commissioner in 2006 and I've been a Parks & Recreation Commissioner since 2007, serving 3 years as chair. I've attended countless Commission, Committee, and City Council meetings to speak up for what I believe is best for Albany.


I was appointed to and served on the Traffic and Safety Commission in 2006. During my tenure, I guided the city's choice of design options for the Buchanan bicycle path. This path will complete the only direct cyclist route from the Berkeley Hills to the Bay shore in the East Bay north of Fremont. I approved lighting and alignment improvements for the Ohlone Greenway. I was also called upon to be the voice of the city's bicyclists and pedestrians for numerous other issues that came before the Commission. 


Subsequently, I was appointed to the Parks and Recreation Commission in 2007. During my tenure to date, I supported the improvements and renovations at Terrace Park, Ocean View Park and Memorial Park. I also saw through the completion of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Task Force and voted to implement an IPM policy in the city. This policy provides for pest management without the use of synthetic toxins in the city. I helped form the Tree Task Force, which has been working diligently to advise the city on the best way to get more trees planted and to make sure that the trees selected won't damage property. Through a series of public meetings, I lead the effort to improve the future design of the Ohlone Greenway paths after the BART seismic retrofit. Also as chair, working with the Waterfront Committee, I helped guide the Commission through the process of recommending uses for Measure WW funds. I voted for the ball field swap that gave the Albany High School Softball Teams and ABGSL a permanent home and two fields at Cougar Field, approving modifications at Memorial and Ocean View Parks for AHS Baseball and Albany Little League. I advocated for the residents of Pierce Street for the city to purchase the the Pierce Street parcel so that the residents and the city could finally start the work of building a park at that site. I worked on the Albany Hill Master Plan, and finally have made sure that all sides be heard in the issue of dogs in our parks.

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