Albany Strollers & Rollers

I co-founded the community group, Albany Strollers & Rollers, a group dedicated to advocating for active transportation (bicycling, walking, etc.) in  2004. Our work with the city has helped bring nearly a million dollars in external grant funding for projects such as lighting the Ohlone Greenway. We sponsor many educational, safety and outreach efforts, and we recently worked with Albany small businesses and helped fund and bring the colorful bicycle-shaped bike racks to the city.


Here are some of the accomplishments of the organization

  • Countless hours of advocacy for pedestrians and cyclists including attending countless city meetings.
  • Help in raising grant funding for various pedestrian and cyclist related city projects
  • Design help in numerous city projects
  • Installation of the very first bike racks at Jewel's Terrace Park and Memorial Park
  • The set up of bike valet parking at numerous events, including the Solano Stroll
  • Installation the colorful bicycle-shaped bike racks in front of local businesses around town
  • Selling bike lights that funded bike light give-aways to kids
  • Setting up free bike tune-ups at the Arts and Green festival
  • Setting up of bike courses at bike rodeos
  • Holding bike classes
  • Coming up with routes and guiding folks on the popular Bike About Towns rides.

I'm really proud of this recent work with the city on curb ramp design that makes the ramps much better for the disabled and those pushing strollers. Here' a photo and here's the link to the full story.

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