Voting Tips

This is such an important election. Please do not hesitate to register and vote. Our Country depends on it - it depends on you. Every one of you.

California is doing a great job of making sure we are all able to vote safely, and that our votes will be counted. See here for a great summary page of information about voting in the upcoming election:

Make sure you are registered - we have online voter registration, and pre-registration, for 16 and 17-year-olds. You can also check the status of your registration here.

All registered Californians will be sent mail-in ballots for this election. There will also still be polling stations, and ballots can be mailed, or dropped in secure voting bins (Albany has one at City Hall), or dropped off at a polling station.

Not only that, but, California is enabling detailed tracking for your ballot, so you can make sure your vote is counted! Sign up here.

Stay tuned for my "Who's endorsing whom/what" summary that I hope to complete within the next week or two.

My 2016 Ballot Statement

I live in Albany with my wife and our son, who benefits from Albany's excellent public schools. 

As your City Council Member, I have not wavered in what I set out to do: 

  • Be an active Council Member who advances good and innovative ideas and policy
  • Promote mobility and safety with traffic calming, bicycle, and pedestrian projects
  • Support parks and open space including the waterfront
  • Support climate action by promoting the efforts of our Sustainability Committee and seeking the funding they need.
  • Drive economic vitality by removing roadblocks to appropriate development projects, the formation of the new Economic Development Commission, and the reform of City Code 

My work and advocacy has led to many important City ballot measures that will help achieve the goals outlined above.  

I’m seeking a second term so that I may continue this agenda and focus as well on our housing crisis, the vitality and safety of San Pablo and Solano Avenues, and a citywide street tree plan.

I serve with and am endorsed by the Sierra Club.

I would be honored to serve again as your City Council Member.

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