Sierra Club

The Democratic Party

The Green Party

East Bay Young Democrats

Evolve California

East Bay Times

Elected officials

Peter Maass, Mayor

Peggy McQuaid, Vice-Mayor

Rochelle Nason, City Council Member

Paul Black, School Board

Charlie Blanchard, School Board

Ross Stapleton-Gray, School Board

Loni Hancock, State Senator District 9

Tony Thurmond, Assemblymember, District 15

Nancy Skinner, former Assemblymember and candidate for California Senate District 9

Rebecca Saltzman, BART Board, District 3 (includes a portion of Albany)

Lateefah Simon, candidate for BART Board, District 7 (includes a portion of Albany), Program Director, Rosenberg Foundation

Andy Katz, EBMUD Director, Ward 4

Tom Butt, Mayor of Richmond

Dianne Martinez, Emeryville Mayor

Scott Donahue, Emeryville Vice-Mayor

Gabriel Quinto, El Cerrito City Council

Janet Abelson,  El Cerrito Mayor Pro Tem

Vinnie Bacon, Fremont City Council Member

Appointed Officials

Val Menotti, Planning and Zoning Commission

Christopher Kent, Planning and Zoning Commission

Preston Jordan, Charter Review Committee

Lisa Schneider, Charter Review Committee

Harry Chomsky, Traffic and Safety Commission

Ken McCroskey, Traffic and Safety Commission

Brian Beall, Social and Economic Justice Commission

Kathy Diehl, Social and Economic Justice Commission

Bart Grossman, Social and Economic Justice Commission

Roman Kaludi, Social and Economic Justice Commission

Margie Marks, Social and Economic Justice Commission

Janet Smith-Heimer, Sustainability Committee

Max Wei, Sustainability Committee

Business Leaders

David Arkin, Arkin-Tilt Architects

Anni Tilt, Arkin-Tilt Architects

Tod AbbottVice President, Albany Chamber of Commerce, Board Member, Solano Avenue Association, Almost Everything Communications, Full Orbit Web and Marketing

Community Members and Leaders

John Alexander

Jan Ambrosini

Amy Apel

Marge Atkinson, former Mayor

Michael Barnett

John Bergman

Yael Bloom

Rachel Brown

Robert Cheasty, former Mayor, Executive Director and past president Citizens for East Shore Parks, past President Solano Avenue Association

Jill Cooper

Bill Dann, Co-Chair, Citizens for the Albany Shoreline

Ben Feldman

Ellen Fiss

Carole Fitzgerald, Co-Chair, Friends of Albany Hill

Ellen Hershey

Vicky Hoover, Chair Sierra Club LWCF Reauthorization Task Force, Vice Chair Wilderness Forever

Jonathan Knight

Dan Lieberman

Yali Lincroft

David Madson

Rich and Sandy Marsh

Lubov Mazur

David McCoard

Jay McKibben

Judey and Scott Miller

Eleanor Moses

Monica Norton

Tanya Phillips

Sanjay Ranchod

Jordan Sampietro

Jennifer Simmons

Tim Stroshane

Ellen Toomey

Kim Trutane

Nancy Wong

Jessie and Sandy Yip



"Nick has been a tireless advocate for the environmental issues of our times.  From his work with the Strollers & Rollers in helping make Albany more walkable and bikeable, to his time on the Planning & Zoning Commission crafting our General Plan, and in his advancement of a Soda Tax which will step up protections of our children’s health, Nick has shown his readiness to work on the challenges that face our community."

-- Peter Maass, Mayor


"As a long-standing leader In the Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club, Nick has proven his dedication to the environmental movement. In addition to his strong advocacy for the Albany Climate Action Plan, and protecting Albany's waterfront, Nick has stepped up in a number of volunteer capacities. He is also a Club Outings leader. The Sierra Club proudly endorses his re-election campaign to the Albany City Council."

-- Rebecca Evans, Chair, Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Chapter


"In addition to his many civic activities—also leads backpacking adventures in the wild.  Leading these requires a balance of thoughtful, steady guiding (often listening more than talking), combined with the ability to take bold, decisive action when required.  These are qualities that serve him well in civic life also. I've watched Nick in action as a fellow Planning & Zoning Commissioner, as a founder and leader of the Albany Strollers & Rollers, and most recently with his time serving on the Albany City Council.  He continues to earn my admiration and my vote, and I hope you'll join me in returning Nick Pilch to our city council for the next four years."  

-- David Arkin, Architect, Planning & Zoning Commissioner 2005-2015


"Nick has dug in and made great contributions in his short two years on City Council. I look forward to the strides he will make in the next four years!"

-- Ken McCroskey, Traffic and Safety Commission


"Based on my twenty years watching the Council, Nick has accomplished more in his two years in office than most Council members do in their eight."

-- Preston Jordan, Charter Review Commission


“Nick Pilch thoughtfully draws out ideas from the community about Albany's issues, including how to nurture our environmental and economic health. Then he turns ideas into pragmatic proposals for action.” 

-- Lisa Schneider, Charter Review Commission


“ Nick does his research and is careful in crafting his positions and working for the public good. Even more important to me is his inclusivity. He listens and treats others, even those who may disagree with his position, with dignity, civility and respect. He embodies what a public servant should be. ”

-- Judey Miller


“Nick Pilch listens well and works with community members to find creative solutions.”

-- Ellen Hershey


“We are depending on Nick and city council to prioritize maintenance of trails on Albany Hill and vegetation management projects directed in the master plan.”

-- Carole Fitzgerald


“Nick has consistently worked for green policies and accessibility in Albany.”

-- Brian Beall, Social and Economic Justice Commission


Titles included for identification purposes only.

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We are depending on Nick and city council to prioritize maintenance of trails on Albany Hill and vegetation management projects directed in the master plan.
posted about this on Facebook 2016-09-16 12:19:38 -0700
I'm endorsing Nick Pilch for Albany. Please join me!
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